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Hanoi City Tour. Go and feel a tranquil, seductive and romantic Hanoi. Enjoy the street food, feel the honesty of each person in the Old Town.

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At Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, visitors can know the history and people of President Ho Chi Minh. However, not all people know about it. On the Hanoi City tour, we will bring you here with a completely different perspective, to understand more about Uncle Ho’s simple life.

The house has 2 floors with a total of 3 rooms. Level 1 is mainly for receptions and meetings. The second floor is where Uncle often sit and work.
Around the house is a fence from mallow flowers, narrow entrance to the gravel. Around is a lot of trees, four good green season.

And on the floor of the house on stilts there are orchards with many kinds brought from many different regions. Because of the war separating the two regions, Uncle Ho was not allowed to visit South Vietnam. Therefore, at the entrance was mango tree. It reminded Uncle that he had to fight every day, resisting the unification of the country, because South Vietnam. 

And there are also many strange plants that are donated by international friends in this garden. It can be named ” Sprout “, Trees of the King from the Caribe…Around the pond is a variety of four-season orchids blooming…

Anyone who came to Ba Dinh Square also came to understand more about his life, the simplicity of a living President in the heart of the Vietnamese people.

The next destination

Tran Quoc Pagoda means place to keep the country peaceful. The temple is located in the west of Hanoi, in front of the Thanh Niên Str, back to West Lake.

Previously, the West Lake was still empty, few people passed by. The area is still forest, there are many kinds of rare animals. Because of the pristine beauty, this place became the place for the King, the princess came to relax and visit the temple, burn incense.

In the time of Trinh King, this place was a recreation area for the royal court, fine arts, entertainment of the King. After being dethroned, King Le Chieu Thong sent troops to burn but was prevented by the village so that only some were destroyed, the rest was preserved to this day. This is the oldest temple in Hanoi.
On the first week of the month, people come here to worship Buddha but also enjoy beautiful scenery around this temple.

The first university in Vietnam

Known as the first university in Vietnam, this area attracts many domestic and foreign tourists. Especially in the program Hanoi City tour, visitors will get a better understanding of the history as well as the development process. And also changed the school’s first but lasted and spent centuries.
This is also a place for cultural exchanges, cultural performances on special occasions. And even more special, at the beginning of the season, the boys from all over the world want to be here, hoping to be lucky to be in the university they want.

Water Pupet Show

This is a unique art that is derived from the wet rice civilization. Puppets made of figs, light wood floating on the water, are chiseled, hewn with their own stylized outlines, then trimmed, polished and decorated with many different colors to decorate the lines of calculation. way for each character. The puppets shape is usually fresh, funny, humorous and highly symbolic.

Water puppetry has been passed down from generation to generation, and has become an elegant play on traditional festivals. Water puppetry is a clever way of expressing language, interpreted in terms of narratives and histories, farmer’s daily life in the village.

Bat Trang Ceramic Village

Bat Trang is a famous pottery village all over the region by handcrafted products. Here, visitors can see the process of making a complete product. From the soil selection step, kneading the soil, molding, shaping, drying and firing. And you can also make a product of your liking.

And in the Hanoi City Tour, there are many destinations, register with us to have a reasonable program and be able to plan your own destinations in Hanoi.



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