Food On Food Tour Hanoi

Food On Food Tour Hanoi for you eating as much as you can. and the best street food will be on the list of dishes you have in this Hanoi Food Tour.

Street food in Hanoi is not sophisticated and takes too much time. You can only wait about 5 minutes to have the food that you want. With just a few tables, plastic chairs, you can sit with your friends. And sip snacks at a very pleasant price and delicious in any restaurant.

The dishes you need to try in the Food On Food Tour Hanoi

First of all it’s Nem.  A delicious spring rolls must eat hot, just eaten just to blow the taste of it. The outer shell must be dark brown in color, frizzly. The inside is combined with various types such as pork chopped with mushrooms, a little bit soaked and chopped. Scallion, dried onions, carrots and chicken eggs. All of them are well mixed and carefully wrapped to create a nice spring roll.

Phở/ Bún

Pho with chicken, cows, fish and aromatic, flavor, fatty. Pho noodles must be hand-made, the broth is cooked for hours, making the broth, but extremely sweet from meat and bones.

In your journey across Vietnam Tour Packages, sure Food on Food Tour Hanoi must be in your inventory already.

Bún Chả

Getting to Hanoi without tasting “Bun Cha” is probably a disadvantage for you. Can be eaten all day, from morning, lunch, dinner. Chilled bean sprouts are marinated and baked with charcoal until the pieces are golden brown. Served with hot sauce, vermicelli and tender soft, a little spice. It is also good to try when you are in Hanoi.

Bánh Mỳ

Bread was originally imported into Vietnam but was processed according to the Vietnamese style, so it has a very Vietnamese flavor. And bread is a street food can not fail to try for you. The crispy crust of cakes with fat, pate, parsley, spices. And some pieces of cucumber make the bread become an irresistible delicious food.

And there are seasonal street foods. If the winter in Hanoi with the coldness of the skin. These foods make the body hot and flush the cold feeling of the weather.
Sweet Potatoes can be sliced thinly with wheat flour in oil, the outer shell is crispy and soft and sweet inside.
Donuts are another dish in the street food category. In addition to plastic cake, biting a piece will feel the aroma of mushrooms, carrots, pork meat eat the same sauce.

“Porridge” is carefully prepared. In order to get the delicious “rice porridge” without being tanh, after cleansing and slicing, the meat “Oysters” will be fried together with dried onions and fragrant and will eventually eat with a little broccoli, pepper. ..

And in the street food category, there are a lot of things that we can not list here. Come to Hanoi for a chance to explore Vietnam. During the Vietnam Package Tour to try all the street food provided by our company – Linhtours – Hanoi Food Tour.

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