Food Tour Hanoi

Food Tour Hanoi. The messy, noisy, no waiters and even standing to eat have made each street food has a very specific and characteristic features of Hanoi.

Food associated with the street name in Food Tour Hanoi

Beef noodle – Phở Bát Đàn

In hanoi, there are also good noodles. From busy streets to small alleys. Pho is remembered by the aroma of beef with basil, green onions, broccoli, but sweet.
But Pho Bat Dan is very special. When people come to Bat Dan, they will think of Boo Pho.
To eat pho here, people have to queue up, wait for up to 15, 20 minutes, even longer. In hand, you must hold money, then turn to pay, after that be back to pick up the Bow of Noodle. 

Bún Chả – Hàng Mành – BBQ meat and noodle

he special thing in this Bun Chả is the processing stage. To have a delicious piece of meat, aromatic flavor of meat to spice up and pieces of grilled yellow on the charcoal blisters. First select the meat just three delicious, chopped marinated and chopped onion, dried onions, slices eaten.
Eat with bun cha is the sauce is slightly sour sauce, salty and a little spicy. Along with the pieces of green papaya shredded and vegetables to make different types of Bunny delicious in Hang Manh Street.

Bánh Cốm Hàng Than – Young rice Cake in Hang Than Str

Cake is made from young grain. After picking up the rice, the baker clears the shell and carries out cooking. After careful cooking, the granules will have a characteristic aroma, plastic nut. Then select green peas and cook until cooked. All the preparations are very meticulous. To have a delicious croissant cake requires not only carefully selected ingredients, but the cake is made by the mind of the baker.
And at parties, the wedding cake is also a very important thing. The swimming symbolizes cohesion.
To enjoy the cake in accordance with the Food Tour Hanoi go to Hang Than.

Culinary is closely linked to culture

To understand more about the people and culture of Hanoi, the choice of  Food Tour Hanoi is an ideal tour for visitors to Vietnam.

Not only is eating in the street, tea cups, coffee cups, sitting together with bowls of hot “Pho” on hand are the stories of life, family. Or just the fun stories of long-time friends, of the people you work with after the break. And of the pupils.

They all find their own space, to watch the streets calm early morning, noisy, bustling afternoon, or night on the small alley. Did you enjoy the delicious coffee on the roadside? Emotion filled when listening to drops of coffee fall, noisy streets.

In the old days, when street foods served only the poor, they had to work at night and early in the morning. Today, it is all ages preferred not only delicious and cheap, it is also a gathering place of the family, friends …
One day to Hanoi, visitors come to the street food, in addition to beautiful scenery and people here, to have a beautiful memory in the journey of each visitor.

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